Sunil & Falguni

About Us

A true reflection of artisans at their best!

SF label launched by Sunil & Falguni have taken traditional ideas and transformed each individual piece into a contemporary classic.

Our motive as designers is to create something that a woman and man can keep the garment forever!

We aspire for our designs and garments to have the esteem of good crafted jewellery, something they can pass forward to generations as the new collection marries classicism with modernity. We position ourselves as a luxury brand, which is accessible to everyone.

When a client comes to us, we take into consideration their own sense of style, colour, preferences and use our aesthetic senses to create something that they will love and look forward to wearing it on their BIG day.

Based in London, England, SF collection has a global essence not only in terms of the items its creates, but also the clientele it serves. Wherever you are based we can design and create the outfit of your choice.

Browse our collections and contact us immediately!.