Sunil & Falguni’s Collection for 2013

‘Back to Basics’

Sunil & Falguni’s Collection for 2013 is a mix of pret-a-porter, primo and atelier that will cater to fashion connoisseurs.

The vision that comes across in our new 2013 collection and colours is simplicity in design.

This collection features opulent fabrics with flowy silhouettes.

The effortless fusion of simple beauty and craftsmanship is the key ingredient of this new collection. Nothing complicated, fussy or confusing. Just simple yet elegant with soft flicks of vibrant colours and inviting cuts.

Therefore the new collection will be known for its detailing and workmanship.

Designs of indian garments have been inspired by classic, old-school embroideries such as shadow work, chikankari, badla, kundan, mirror work and also comprise a lot of fabric-manipulated embroideries.

Our garments are made on supple and pure fabrics, which not only feel beautiful on the skin but also provide an elegant chic look. According to Sunil and Falguni, fabric is very important, playing a major role in creating a collection that is meant to be classic, hence we have used fabrics from different countries perfecting in its genre like French Lace, Swiss Tulle, Italian chiffon and most importantly Indian Silks, dupions, organza and georgettes.

…it would best to imagine a young girl, youthful mysterious. Behind those brown eyes is someone who knows her mind and knows her style. She doesn’t follow or worry about trends…she is a young girl that leads and sets trends. She does not care if anyone understands her or not, she knows that someone will follow her every move in this unique piece of garment she is wearing and only wishing that YOU could look as simple, stylish and effortless as her.

If there is such a thing as a modern village girl then this is what we see. Go back in time to the girl sitting on the doorstep of her fathers home, with her hair plaited and tousled to one side, eyes smudged with kajol from the laughter with her friends for teasing and flirting innocently with the boys.

Life is simple and happy, style is unique and playful…back to basics with a flirtatious twist.

Sunil & Falguni’s inspiration for the new collection of 2013 is ‘Back to Basics’.

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